Signature Facial: 55.00

A Luxurious 50 min facial that will not only deeply cleanse and polish your skin leaving it feeling soft and reveal your natural glow, but it also includes a very blissful hand, neck, shoulder , and scalp massage that will leave you feeling refreshed

Economy Facial: 40.00

This is the "Lunch Break" Facial that will save on time and money so you can give your skin the care it really needs. it is a 30 min facial that includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, mini mask, and scalp massage

Lash Extensions

Natural Look- 110.00
Lush Look - 130.00
Dramatic - 150.00

Touch ups -
1 wk- 25.00 
2 wks- 35.00
3 wks- 50.00

Couples Massage:
​Enjoy a relaxing massage together or in separate rooms
Sports Massage:
​Working on the muscles and joints, great for athletes or people working out.  This will help with flexibility, muscle soreness and will help speed up recovery time.
Deep Tissue:
​Intense pressure to help realign the muscles to help balance the body
Swedish Massage :
Long flowing strokes to help relax the muscles.



  • Harmony: BergamontClary SageFennelGeranium
  • Detox: Black Pepper Grapefruit Juniper Berry Cypress
  • Destress: Orange Ylang Ylang Lemon Sandalwood
  • Relaxation: Petitgrain Tangerine Lavender
  • Muscle & Joint: Basil Himalayan Cedarwood Black Spruce
  • Clear Mind: Basil Linalol Elmi Lemon Organic Ginger
  • Respiration: Eucalyptus Globulus Wintergreen Pine Sylvester
  • Headache Relief: Eucalyptus Grapefruit Roman Chamomile Rose Absolute
  • Revitalize: Orange Lemon Frankincense Jasmine
Cranial Sacral :
​A series of relaxing holds to help balance the body and cranial rhythm
Couples Teaching:  
​where each person receives a massage while the other is learning how to massage. Be sure to dress comfortably and wear a short sleeve shirt that if you get oil on it it doesn't matter.

Just for You!

Just Massage

​Group Massage:
​Examples Bridal showers, Couples massage teaching, Business Massage, Conventions
Pregnancy Massage: 
​During pregnancy Massage can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains


Facial Treatments

Massage to aid in Physical Therapy: Massage in conjunction with physical therapy or chiropractic sessions aids the body by helping with muscle soreness, increases flexibility, helps relieve muscle tension and helps speed up recovery time.
Reflexology :
​Pressing on series of points on the foot to relieve stress and pain throughout the bo